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Questions and Answers (FAQ's)

Q1.What all is included in this plan and its duration?

a. 1 YEAR Mobile Phone Protection against Theft & Accidental Damage. b. 3 Months Extended Warranty (Technical Repairs Only)

Q2. Documents required for claims?

Theft & Burglary – a. Claim Form duly filled in b. Original mobile phone purchase invoice c. Original Insurance Copy d. Copy of complaint letter to the nearest police station with their numbered acknowledgement for THEFT (e.g. CSR) e. Letter of Indemnity e. Untraced report as per insurance company requirement f. Sim block letter/duplicate issue letter g. Govt ID proof. h. Translation of F.I.R in English / Hindi (if required) i. Cancelled cheque / Passbook Copy

Accidental Damage – a. Claim form duly filled in b. Original mobile phone purchase invoice c. Original Insurance Copy d. Two photographs of damaged mobile handset – Screen photo & IMEI no on screen e. Repair estimate letter issued by authorized service centre f. Repair / Replacement Bill or Invoice with cause of loss certificate g. Survey Report in case of claim amount above Rs 15000/- h. Govt ID proof. i. Cancelled cheque / Passbook Copy/p>

Extended Warranty – All documents will be same as for damage claims. One letter of confirmation from service centre required regarding type of damage to the handset (sample letter will be given by WA to customer).

Q3. Compensation & Depreciation chart for payments?

For Repair - *Customer will bear 20-30% of repair bill (as per slab given below). *For Apple handsets this amount will be further 7% less than regular slab.

Theft, Burglary & Total Damage / Non Repairable- claim will be paid as per table A & all Claim calculations will be done on Current Market Value of similar make / model at the time of claim (whichever is lower).

Extended Warranty – You will get maximum 70% of repair bill. If repair cost is going above 70% of the handset current market price then you will get maximum 45% of similar handset current market price as total loss compensation.

Note: a. Maximum of 2 repair claims will be payable in 1 year insurance b. If repair cost or maximum liability at the time of loss exceeds 70% of the invoice value then the claim will be settled on Total Loss basis under BER (Beyond Economic Repair) c. No repair work should be started before getting written approval / survey done from Insurance Company. d. #Cost of accessories (5%) will be deducted separately from theft and total loss claims. e. Written Intimation (by email) of claim must be given within 48 hours to WA else claim will be rejected. f. You will get payment within 35-40 working days after sending all original documents.


Time since Handset Purchase Date
(Theft & Non Repairable)

(Compensation Amount)#


First 2 Months



Above 2 - 4 Months



Above 4 - 6 Months



Above 6 - 9 Months



Above 9 - 12 Months


Q4. Items that are not covered?

a. Accessories or components like battery, charger, hands free, Back & Front Camera, Sim Slot pins, Memory card, Charging Slot and data cable etc. OTHER exclusions can be seen in T&C section.

For Accidental Repair / Water Repair*


First 4 Months



Above 4-8 Months



Above 8-12 Months


Insurance Terms and Conditions:

Property / Equipment : Brand new portable devices including Smart phones & Tablets as evidenced by relevant proof of purchase, provided that it has legal IMEI identification and / or Serial Number and / or it is fitted and used with SIM Card (being a card or other medium carrying the Owners identity, issued to the Owner/Owner's spouse or Owners dependent children's; from the time the Owner legally purchased the phone for valid consideration.

Owner: The person named in the Handset Purchase Invoice

Territorial Limits : India

Meanings: Accidental Damage –damage due to the insured product due to unintentional drop or collision of the insured product or any object falling on the insured product or due to accidental external means.
Burglary – forcible, violent entry/exit-evidencing the act of Burglary.
Theft – would mean dishonestly taking away property (insured mobile phone device) out of the possession of the insured person without the person's consent. Theft will be defined as per relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and will include but not limited to burglary, housebreaking, robbery and dacoity.
Extended Warranty – All kind of mechanical / electrical faults will be covered under this period. Coverage will be same as that is provided during manufacturer warranty period. Theft/ Damage / Water logging will not be covered under this period.


1. Responsibilities – OIC – Claim approval / Rejections and payments.

2. No legal / financial liability for claim approval / payments with Warranty Asia Pvt Ltd or the dealers / distributors of this plan.

3. The Owner shall:-
a. take all reasonable steps within his power to minimize the extent of the loss or damage; and shall:-
i. keep the handset in a proper state of maintenance and repair;
ii. use the handset in accordance with manufacturers' instructions and maintenance recommendations.
b. Notify Police / service provider as soon as possible about any theft / misplacing to the covered handset - in any event within 48 hours.
c. Notify Administrator by email / letter as soon as possible (maximum 48 hours) about any accidental damage / theft to the covered handset.
d. Preserve the damaged or defective parts and make them available for inspection by an official or surveyor of the company; furnish all such information and documentary evidence as the Company may require.

4. WA may take such proceedings as they think fit in the name of the Owner to enforce any rights and remedies against, or obtain relief or indemnity from, other parties to which the WA shall be or may become entitled or subrogated.

5. Any dispute regarding interpretation of the terms, conditions and exceptions of this protection plan shall be determined in accordance with the law and practice of a court of competent jurisdiction within Delhi only.

6. Complete documents must reach office address within 30 days of approval else compensation will be rejected. Repair of handset must be completed before the expiry of plan period (12 Months).

7. WA can ask for any other documents related to claim.


WA shall not be liable in respect of:

1. Theft or Damage arising outside India.
2. Loss, damage and / or liability caused by or arising out of the willful act or willful neglect or gross negligence of the insured or his responsible representatives.
3. War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities or war like operations (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, mutiny, riot, strike, lockout and malicious damage, civil commotion, military or usurped power, martial law, conspiracy confiscation, commandeering, a group of malicious persons or persons acting on behalf of or in connection with any political organization.
4. Nuclear reaction, Nuclear radiation or Radioactive contamination from any source whatsoever
5. Accident, loss, damage and / or liability resulting from overload, experiments or tests requiring the imposition of abnormal conditions.
6. Any loss of or damage to any electronic data and / or mobile phone software / operating system, storage media, data/records or similar intangible items unless damage to or loss insured item is covered within terms and conditions of policy.
7. Loss or damage caused by electrical or mechanical breakdown; electrical failure or short-circuit
8. Theft committed by insured's family member, domestic servant, employee and / or responsible representative
9. Loss or damage which is covered under supplier, dealer or manufacturer's warranty.
10. Loss due to mysterious disappearance, misplace / lost / forgotten.
11. Theft from any car except car is fully enclosed saloon type having at the time all the doors, windows and other opening securely locked and properly fastened.
12. Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage of which no notice has been received by the Company within 3 days of the occurrence.
13. Repairs and maintenance carried out by anyone other than a repairer nominated by the Manufacturer / Warranty Asia.
14. Gradually developing flaws, defects, cracks or partial fractures in any part not necessitating immediate stoppage, although at some future time repair or renewal of the parts affected may be necessary.
15. If any claim made under the plan be fraudulent in any respect, all benefit under the plan shall be forfeited.
16. Theft or Accidental damage to the Equipment whilst on loan / given for use to any third party (friends / relatives).
17. Any damage to the handset due to electric surges, voltage fluctuation, short circuit or explosion of battery.
18. Any damage to the PCB of handset due to mishandling of sim tray / charging jack / pins / usb / charging slot / memory card slot.
19. Any damage or issue related to camera (front / back).
20. WA & Insurance Company will not be liable for any kind of consequential loss due to handset theft / damage.
21. Theft from any property/office/house without any forcible entry/ exit.

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